Weekly Image: 9 September

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What do I take more pictures of than anything else in my personal time? Definately my kids! This week’s image is courtesy of them and of my G9, which I’m still lovin! Click it for a larger image.

Shot info: Canon G9 at 27 mm, ISO 80, f8, 1/1000/sec

Weekly Image: 19 August 2008

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Our daughter’s almost 4 months old, and as expected, has been photographed once or twice. A shot from the most recent photo shoot brings you this week’s weekly image. Click on the image for a larger view.

Some Friday News

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Some news items from around the web. Have a great weekend!

  • Chase Jarvis, one of the best supporters of other new and upcoming photographers, posts several great videos – 1 on his project workflow and another on a Seattle shoot/training. You can check them out here and here.
  • If you’ve never visited the LifeHacker blog, you’re missing out. It is a great source for tips and tricks for your computer and life. Need to find the best backup software or desktop search? Need to know how to determine the solar potential of your roof? Check out LifeHacker – the variety and quality is amazing. Visit LifeHacker here.
  • Generally, I’m a Canon shooter and as I reported previously, I love my G9. But, not to be outdone, Nikon has released its high-end point and shoot, the Coolpix P-6000. Generally, it looks to have similar features to the G9 – with one really notable feature that I wish the G9 had – a built in GPS. I enjoy GeoTagging my photos so that is a feature near and dear to my heart – if it works well. You can read more about the P-6000 here.
  • Interested in Architectural Photography? If so, check out the intro tutorial over at Digital Photography School here. Or, you can check out the Photography for Real Estate blog here, which has some great information and shots.

How to Align Lightroom’s Identity Plate (I can’t believe they didn’t make this automatic!)

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Recently, I posted on how to quickly create fine art prints in Lightroom (check out that post here). An important part of doing that is to create a custom Identity plate and center it in the background. If it’s white, you’re set – the color of the canvas is white by default, so slight misaligns go largely unnoticed. If you have a colored background, though, things get ugly. This post details how to fix the problem.

The Problem

When you have an identity plate with an image of any color, you have to PERFECTLY align the identity plate on the stage. Easier said than done. In most other Adobe products, you get an align tool or a feature that snaps things to grid when you get close. Not the case with this feature in Lightroom. I found it literally impossible to perfectly align it, always leaving small slivers of white. Click the image below for an example.

The Solution

The only way I was able to solve this problem was to save my fine art print setup as a Template and then edit the template file.

  1. Create a fine art print setup by following the steps in my previous post.
  2. Save it as a Template by clicking the + sign in the Template browser panel, giving it a name and clicking the Create button.
  3. Now’s the semi-tricky part. You need to locate that template file on your computer. In Windows Vista your templates are located at the following directory by default: C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\ Lightroom\Print Templates. If you are on a Mac or Windows XP, you’ll need to consult Lightroom help for the proper location. Also, you may have saved your presets in a different folder (in the Catalog settings)- if so, look there instead.
  4. Open the file of the appropriate preset name with a text editor. On Windows, you may need to right-click and choose Open With… and specify a program like Notepad.
  5. Scroll through or use the search feature to find any line that shows identityPlatePosH or identityPlatePosV. You’ll want to set the number on the right side of the equal sign on that line to .5 for each. They are probably close to .5 already – but it needs to be exact. See the lines I highlighted in the screenshot below for an example. I changed the values here and in one other place in this file. This is actually easier than it sounds. Once the file is opened, the lines are pretty easy to scan through.

  1. Save and close the file.
  2. If Lightroom is still open, close and re-start it. If already closed, go ahead and start it up. When you go back to the Print module and click on your preset, you should see that the Identify Plate is perfectly lined up.
  3. Repeat for any other fine art print templates you want to create. For example, I created one for portrait-oriented pictures and one for landscape-oriented pictures. The identifyPlatePosH and identityPlatePosV should be set to .5 in every case.

Weekly Image: 12 August 2008

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Both images this week were taken with my Canon G9. The first was a macro shot of a flower I liked. The second was of my son, Zachary, who recently celebrated his birthday. Of all my kids, his ‘cheese’ smiles make me laugh the most.

Click on either picture for a larger version.

A Fun Feature on the Canon G9 – Time Lapse Video

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I’m loving my Canon G9 – it’s arguably the best camera I’ve ever owned (I also really like my Canon 40D – different camera, though, for different purposes). I was out on a walk with my family last night and decided to shoot it in time-lapse mode. It takes a 640×480 pixel picture every second, which allows for about 1000 minutes of shooting on a 4 GB memory card – very nice.

I put the G9 on my trusty GorillaPod (more about it, here).

I then turned on time lapse and the camera spit out this fun movie. I didn’t add any music to it or any other effects, but you can definately get an idea for how this fun feature works.

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